Special thanks

The friends I worked with from 1989-2014, listed below:

Peter Dann – Rhythm guitar and vocals (together for 26yrs in all bands)

Pete Farmer – Lead guitar (Creaking Bones)

Tony Craven – Bass guitar (Creaking Bones) & (The Bones)

Roger Cook – Drums (Creaking Bones)

Ted Hawes – Drums (The Bones)

Howard Bird (Aitch) – Lead guitar and vocals (The Bones) & (Bumps in the Night)

Brian Sugg – Bass guitar and vocals (Bumps in the Night)

Trevor Stevenson – Drums (Bumps in the Night)

Danny Bacon – Drums and vocals (Bumps in the Night)

Mark Lee – Drums (Bumps in the Night)

JJ Johnson – Lead guitar and vocals (Bumps in the Night)

Neil Stanton – Lead guitar and Violin (Bumps in the Night) & (3waysplit)

Dean Plows – Band sound mix in the 80’s

Ron Smith – Drums & Tony Williams – lead guitar who filled in on several occasions

And not forgetting:

Carol Sugg – made gallons of much appreciated coffee for 10 years (Bumps in the Night era)

Dave Barber – his http://www.coda-uk.co.uk/kh.htm website and gig support over many years