Kenny Hollywood

About Kenny Hollywood

Real name is Kenny Plows, born in London UK

The name Kenny Hollywood was given by Joe Meek when chosen to record Magic Star, the vocal version of Telstar. Joe Meek was the first independent record producer to have number one records both in the UK and the USA, simultaneously.

Has two sons, Dean and Daran and a sister, Jo-Anne

Moved to Welwyn Garden City (WGC) UK with parents Chas & Grace in 1956

Attended Peartree Junior School, Howard Secondary Modern School, and Oaklands College, all in WGC

Recorded Magic Star, the vocal version to Telstar, at RGM Sounds and Decca Recording Studios in 1962

The Wonderful Story of Love was the B side of Magic Star

Gigged with bands The Aristocats, Tel Thorne & the Dwellers, and The Young Ones from 1962-1966

Married Sylvia in 1966 who passed away in 1988 and never remarried

Rejoined the music scene with The Creaking Bones from 1988 to 1992,

later to become The Bones from 1992 to 1994

Reformed an old school band, Bumps in the Night in 1994 and performed until 2007

Formed a new band 3waysplit in 2008 and we were together until 2014. Moved to New South Wales Australia Nov 2014

Now enjoying retirement, the weather, and home studio recording/song writing